About company

The company NPF Promvitekh LLC was founded in 1995. The basis of the enterprise is the engineering staff of the Kiev-based Veda software – vibration equipment department. Today, the staff consists of 30 people, most of them are experienced engineers. The company’s products are successfully operated in the oil and gas industries, nuclear and thermal energy, metallurgy and heavy industry. The company’s specialists have extensive experience in the development and production of vibration equipment, which allows you to maintain an exceptionally high technical level and reliability of all products.

Range of products:

  • piezoelectric accelerometers;
  • eddy current sensors;
  • secondary transducers for piezoelectric accelerometers and eddy current sensors;
  • calibration vibration stands; portable vibrometers;
  • stationary control and signal systems for monitoring and measuring vibration parameters and mechanical quantities (vibration of bearings, shaft lines, axial shift of the rotor, thermomechanical curvature of the rotor shaft, thermal expansion of the shaft rotor and assembly body, rotor speed);
  • spark protection units;
  • lightning protection blocks;
  • alignment devices;
  • obstruction lights for high-rise buildings;

Exceptional product reliability provides a full cycle of equipment production with high quality control at all its stages. Production facilities are equipped with modern, high-quality equipment. Vibration equipment is calibrated using Brul & Kyaer reference equipment. Product quality is confirmed by certificates of state regulatory authorities of Ukraine. All manufactured equipment passes the metrological verification of Ukrmetrteststandart. In 2012, the company passed production certification for compliance with the international standard ISO 9001: 2008.

The equipment of NPF Promvitekh LLC is successfully operated in various industries, providing vibration control on turbines, pumps, compressors not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Romania, Bulgaria, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States. Together with Ukrainian turbines, the equipment of LLC NPF Promvitekh got to Argentina, India, China, Morocco, the Czech Republic, Greece, Iran.

Objects on which the equipment of production "Promvitekh" is successfully operated:



  • South Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant
  • Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant
  • Rivne Nuclear Power Plant
  • Khmelnitsky Nuclear Power Plant
  • Vostokenergo LLC (Kurakhovskaya, Lugansk, Zuevskaya TPP)
  • "Lviv-Energy"
  • Slavic TPP
  • Mironovskaya TEС
  • Starobyshevskaya TES
Oil and gas sector:

Oil and gas sector:

  • Ukrtransneft OJSC (NPS Kremenchuk, NPS Proletarka, NPS Shirokoye, NPS
  • Andreevka, NPS Snigirevka, NPS Avgustovka, NPS Golovashevka, NPS Glinsk, NPS
  • Gnedintsy, NPS Velikotsk, NPS Novy Aidar, NPS Lisichansk, NPS Lugansk, NPS Pereshchepino)
  • Druzhba oil pipeline (NPS Zhulin, NPS Brody, MNT Yuzhny, NPS Karpaty).
  • Ukrtransgaz OJSC (CS Reshetilovskaya, CS Dikanka, CS Zenkov, CS
  • Berdichevskaya, CS Krasilov, CS Novopskovskaya, CS Proletarskaya, CS Lugansk, CS Bilche-Volytsya).
Other enterprises:

Other enterprises:

  • CJSC Crimean Titan
  • Zaporizhzhya Aluminum Plant
  • SevGok Kryvyi Rih
  • Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant
  • Arcelor Mittal Steel, Krivoy Rog and other heavy industry enterprises.
Serially production

Serially production "Promvitekh" is applied:

  • OJSC "Turboatom"
  • OJSC "Turbogaz"
  • OJSC "Sumy NGO Frunze"
  • Production Association "Zorya-Mashproekt"
  • OJSC "Motor Sich"

All products of the company are manufactured under the registered trademark:

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